Prayer Watch Suggested Guidelines


When Does the Prayer Watch Begin and End?

The prayer watch will begin at 12 AM, October 27th, Eastern Standard Time. The prayer watch ends at 12 AM, October 28th, in the respective time zones of participating sites.

How Long Should My Prison Pray on the Day of the Watch?

We are encouraging all of our partner prisons to pray for their time zone’s entire 24 hour period. Individual prisoners typically sign up for a one to two hour block of prayer. If, however, your prison cannot pray for the entire 24 hours, please pray as you are able. Each individual prayer is a mighty bolt of divine lightning, blessed by our Lord.

Who Prays During the Prayer Watch, and How do they Pray?

In general, prisoners are responsible for the bulk of the prayers that take place, alone with the Lord in their cells. If your prison allows for prisoners to pray in groups, or if the chaplains also wish to be involved, this is certainly a blessing, but it is by no means required.

The Prayer Resource Posted in the Resources Page is Long. Is there Anything Shorter Available?

Please see our much shorter and much more easily mass reproducible Prayer Watch Prayer Guide on our Resources page. We also have an hourly signup sheet available for download. Prisoners may use this to specify which hours they will commit to pray on the day of the watch.


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