I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest

Christmas Day Prayer Watch

We at Watchmen Beyond the Walls invite you to participate in a coordinated prayer watch on Christmas Day for the Indiana Prisons.

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Recent Updates

12/1/17 – “Christmas Day Prayer Watch” – Friends and partners, please participate with us in the Christmas Day Prayer Watch. See resources above.

2/9/17 – “Journey on the Mountains” – Friends and partners, please pray for us as we finalize our next big prayer resource, a book called, “Journey on the Mountains”. A special thanks to our publisher, Ed Schwartz, for his help in this endeavor!

Followers, please take joy in our expanding prayer network, and continue to hold our ministry in prayer as we try to keep pace with God’s mighty vision!

05/22/16 – Prayer Resources Available for Download – We have also prayerfully constructed an introductory vision document, and a prayer resource document, which can be printed and distributed to prisoners for their ongoing education and encouragement in the spiritual realm of prayer. Visit our Resources page for downloads.


Imagine Christians behind prison walls in every state joining together on the same day to pray and agree for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven….A vision is being cast for a series of 24 hour prison prayer watch events. God is calling men and women in prisons from all 50 states to be the watchmen on the walls on a single day. All 50 states, as well as all nations across the world, will have men and women in prisons who will be the watchmen on the walls that day.


Elements of our mission are as follows:

  • Encourage the Christians behind bars by including them in this important call to prayer.
  • Remind the Christians behind bars they have a responsibility to pray for the Kingdom to come.
  • Provide Christians behind bars with useful prayer resources that are both developmental and spiritually encouraging.
  • Join in the prayer movement that is already sweeping the globe and with ONE UNIFIED VOICE, proclaim that Jesus is Lord.

It’s God-Sized

In the past half-year, we have learned that God’s vision for this ministry was much larger than we had initially anticipated. We have developed international partnerships with Canada and Columbia, and have yet more which we are working faithfully to establish. Our Lord has demonstrated His sovereignty over His entire created Earth, well beyond the United States. We are blessed to be a part of His larger, God-sized plan!


The strength of our Lord’s church comes through the cooperation of His disciples with one another. Watchmen Beyond the Walls is blessed to have developed a number of strong partnerships with prison chaplains and like-minded ministers. Among others, we would like to recognize Rick Vasquez of the Texas Prison Ministry, who not only strongly shares our vision, but has also faithfully translated our prayer resources into Spanish. We invite you to enjoy Rick’s personal testimony below.

Contact Information & Opportunities to Participate

If you are interested in becoming a part of God’s mighty prayer network through Watchmen Beyond the Walls, please contact us. Also, please be encouraged to download and redistribute our prayer resources from our resources page.